The Road to Financial Freedom – Start Now

While the Road to Financial Freedom eludes many, you can take steps to get started today.  We don’t have the answer for all your questions here, but we’re working on it every day.  Leaving your money in a savings account can cost you dearly.  You need to find better ways to let your money work for you!

Defining the Road to Financial Freedom

Everyone has their own definition of financial freedom.  For now I will tell you my definition (and later we’ll try to find some common ground through our survey).  Let’s start with the opposite of financial freedom – financial prison or slavery perhaps.  In this situation we live paycheck to paycheck, if we even have one.  Each month we pay the bills.  At the end of the month nothing remains.  No fun, no new purchases – having to say, “I can’t afford it this month”.  Unfortunately many of us know this all too well.

So then the Road to Financial Freedom brings us closer to not being tied down financially.  Having the ability to go out for a nice dinner whenever you want, comes to mind.  Not being stressed, when a phone or car breaks (down), adds to our quality of life.  Having the means to go on a trip anytime could change many people’s lives.  How many of you would like to be able to do what you want when you want?  I think what financial freedom really means is be able to spend whatever we want without ever having to worry about our own or our children’s finances.

I’m not saying we should spend ourselves out of existence.  I, for one, can’t stand waste.  I enjoy healthy and green environments.  As a consequence I try to be more of a benefit than a burden to the environment and society.  While I don’t always do as well as I could with my ideas of healthy living, I do keep it in mind.

What does P2P Invest Club do and why am I here?

P2P Invest Club came about to do several things.  Firstly we wanted an outlet for writing articles about happiness and success.  Secondly we want to create an environment where people can share ideas about better living.  We have plans to connect with other authors and bloggers in many niches to bring healthy content.  Thirdly we want to achieve financial freedom doing what we love.  Our Road to Financial Freedom includes several milestones.  Our website appears on that road.  Fourthly we want to help individuals such as you to make better choices for yourselves and for the world.  To be honest, I don’t want you to become a billionaire and I shouldn’t either.  Finally and above all we want to give something of value to you, our readers.

In the beginning we will publish about 50 reviews related to P2P investments and crowd funding.  After that we will gather our resources to bring you helpful articles related to saving money, making your money go further, retirement planning, frugal living, and many other topics.  Later we will start published articles about better living, starting with articles and ideas about achieving happiness and success.  We realize money can’t buy happiness and we’ll also show you why.

We don’t limit ourselves to doing one thing.  We will evolve, adapt and change.  One thing, however, will not change – our commitment to you and to ourselves.  Together we can help each other make this world a better place.  We can also help each other make ourselves happier and healthier.  Even though my background is in psychology, I focus entirely on positive psychology.  My life doesn’t progress perfectly – I, too, continue to grow.  Every day I teach and every day I learn.

What’s in it for you and what’s in it for us?

We want to help you get “better”, whatever that may mean.  We want to improve your life with actionable ideas.  While our P2P reviews represent the basis of this website’s earnings, we want to do a lot more than just help you find good investments.  Our affiliate links when use can provide some income for us, allowing us to focus more than researching and writing.

For one hour of writing, we may spend three hours of research and analysis and another three hours putting the content on our website.  I have to say that I enjoy every part of it, especially when I learn new ways of doing things.  I hope with more practice, I can do everything more efficiently and increase my writing time.

Send us your Ideas!

We are looking for ideas for articles.  While we still have to write at least another 50 reviews, we look to the future.  Sooner or later we may run out of ideas.  We want to have article topics prepared well ahead of time.  If you want to submit your ideas, please, do so.  The topics you submit should relate to P2P investments, healthier living, better mental health for the masses, saving money, retirement ideas, or any other content that you think would tie in with already existing content.

Please, know that we have just started.  Our road to financial freedom stretches far into the distance.  Each day something will be added.  Each day we will make improvements.  We plan to become to ‘go-to place for everything related to P2P investments first.  We hope to receive enough support for our work to not have to work at other things too much.

We will soon put up some author pages, where you can read more about our passions.  My areas of interest include permaculture, aquaponics, coffee, green Sahara, recycling, vermiculture, composting, organic living, sustainable development, pizza, equality, tolerance, pizza, love for all mankind, and many more.  I love researching world problems and global citizenship has more meanings to me than one.  We will have more on that later.

Functionality of our Website

Our site continues to add content live.  That is to say, we sometimes work on and update content online.  Sometimes you may find an almost empty page with just a title or less.  In these cases you have stumbled upon a page or article that still needs to be written.  When you see such pages, you can be sure that the content will follow.  However, every day only has so many hours.  We will get to all of it.

So far we have only published five pages including this one:  Our review of Mintos Marketplace, our review of the Crowdestor platform, our review of RoboCash, and one page showing banners of all the platforms that we will still review.  We also have a little write up about the things we want to cover as much possible for each P2P investment review.

Again here, too, we’d love your help.  If you see spelling mistakes and horrible sentences, please, let us know in comments.  We want to improve each and every day.  If you are also a blogger or someone with a website, we hope to become worthy enough to be mentioned on your blog or website and linked to.  Linking to us helps us out a great deal, but should only be done if somehow it connects with your blog or website’s theme.

That’s it for now.  Keep looking for updates and keep telling us how to get better.  Thank you!