Platform Reviews – P2P Investments in Focus

Our platform reviews keep it simple. While not everyone knows about peer to peer lending, it’s quickly gaining traction. Without good information we can’t make good decisions. Let us do the work for you, while you profit.

(For a very descriptive Wikipedia article describing P2P lending and crowdfunding read this.)

What our Crowdfunding Platform Reviews Look at:

When making investment decisions, people base their opinions on many different factors. One person looks for the highest profit, while another looks for safety of capital. Some people care about what their money supports, instead of looking at ease of use.

What can our platform reviews tell you about the companies?

We try to tell you as much as possible about the companies and their people. That is to say, we want you to form a good picture of whom you’re entrusting your money to.

P2P Platform Reviews Show Location and Contacts

We also provide you with key information about each company whenever possible.  We want to provide you with one-stop shopping as it were.  To do that we provide you with as much information as we can find.

History of the Company and its Leaders

How was the company created?  Who started the company?  Who is there now?  What backgrounds do they have?  Our platform reviews will try to answer all of those questions and more.

How easily can we invest and make money?

Sometimes when I check on my investments on some platforms, I regret going to the website.  Some truly horrible platforms do exist.  Even though they have these ugly websites, we go there for their returns.  Some platform can make it very difficult to get started, while others have you up and investing in minutes.

Everyone Cares About Numbers

At P2P Invest Club we want to dig deep for you.  Our platform reviews analyze not just returns, but also the numbers behind those returns.

Annual Loan Investments

The loan book can give a very good impression about the company.  A platform lending only a couple of thousand Euros each year might not be worth our time.  Bigger numbers generally represent greater diversification. 

Number of Employees

Some platforms give the impression they have a million employees.  In fact some platforms operate with very few workers.  Modern technology plays an important role in this.  On the other hand, we do worry about things like customer service, collection staff, and accounting staff.  Above all we like to see platforms employing capable staff able to do everything to make the platform successful.

Years of Operation

How comfortable would you be with investing your hard earned money with a platform that started yesterday?  I would suspect the average investor wouldn’t want to be the first investor.  However, every platform has to start somewhere.

Returns for Investors

Our P2P platform reviews give an indication of what can be expected from each platform.  However, it should be said that indication follow historical returns.  As such we cannot be guaranteed that history repeats itself.

What are your risks with this platform?

We cannot eat the cake and have it, too. That is to say, we can’t get the reward without the risk. What we can do, however, is to find a good balance between risk and reward. With P2P investing you will always find risks. On the other hand, we can also find more safety with different platforms.

Buyback Guarantees

Some platforms provide buyback guarantees. What this means is that they will return all of your capital with or without interest. However you will not get the highest returns with this increased safety.

Money-back Guarantees

Money-back guarantees allow you to get back all of your money on short notice. While this provides very high liquidity, you will lose out on the interest usually.


If, for instance, a loan is not repaid, collateral is seized. While the default rates vary among platforms, investors appreciate being able to seize someone’s house or car.

Personal Guarantees

Sometimes a man’s word or a company’s word has to suffice for us to feel safe about investing. In these situations we need to make up our own minds.

No Guarantees

Our platform reviews will also show you platforms that have no guarantees at all. When that is the case, we also expect higher returns. Diversification strategies should be followed at all times.

Factors Affecting Profit

Our platform reviews point out where money gets lost from the borrowers’ hands back to the lenders’ hands.  How efficient do the platforms operate?  How well do the lenders pay back their loans?  All these question need to be asked and answered.

Rates of Return (ROI)

Perhaps nothing gets talked about as much as return on investment.  We invest to get returns, even if those returns are not always financial.  For our purposes most of our platform reviews focus on the financial returns.

Platform Users’ Average Returns

Aside from loan interest rates, we should consider loan default rates.  Every platform caters to a different clientele.  As such we expect different levels of losses.  The default rates among P2P lenders varies greatly.  As a consequence every platform has a screening process in place.

Minimum and Maximum Interest Rates

While some P2P lending platforms have a set rate, most have loans with various interest rates.  Every platform has its own products.  As such it’s good to know about all of them.  Most investors care about the minimum they can reasonable achieve.  Others look for the skies.

Cash Drag

Cash drag happens when your money sits still. It’s earning no interest at all. These are situations we want to avoid, as the whole point of investing stems from a will to achieve financial freedom. On some platforms you can experience cash drag, because minimum investment is too high or there are not enough loans to invest in. Cash drag happens when your money sits still. It’s earning no interest at all. These are situations we want to avoid, as the whole point of investing stems from a will to achieve financial freedom. On some platforms you can experience cash drag, because minimum investment is too high or there are not enough loans to invest in.

How do we get around cash drag?

Our platform reviews show you how much of a problem cash drag can be for company. Also we will show you ways to deal with it.

Auto Invest Options

While I love moving money around every day, others might prefer an auto invest options. That is to say they can set up an automated system of investing.

How to use auto invest, when it's available?

Our platform reviews will tell you set up your auto invest. However, not every platform makes this available. Furthermore many auto invest options make you jump through hurdles to get started.

Platform User Fees

Everyone hates fees! We want to avoid or minimize fees whenever we can. Above all we want to find the most profitable way of dealing with any platform. While fees are unavoidable on some platforms, you can minimize the effects by planning. For example, you invest 50 Euros and suddenly need to put some money back into your pockets. In this case, you might have to pay 5 Euros for a transfer fee. You now have lost 10% of your investment.  If, however, you pay the same 5 Euros to withdraw 10,000, it impacts you much less. Our platform reviews will uncover these fees for you and show you how to deal with them. That being said, most platforms have no fees at all.