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Our BulkEstate P2P Review shows you how to profit from this platform.  BulkEstate describes itself as a team of real estate professionals pursuing the latest trends.  Indeed, real estate drives all of their activity.  They find properties to invest in order to make a profit.  Consequently investors like us can share in that profit.

BulkEstate P2P Review of the Company

On their website we can quickly find four of the faces representing BulkEstate.  They carry out the key aspects of their real estate deals.  Founded in December 2016 BulkEstate got to work quickly in the Latvian market.  Their success there also led to further investments in Bulgaria.  While they maintain an office in Estonia, they do most of their work out of the Riga, Latvia office.  After starting with loans as small as € 10,000, they recently funded a project worth € 1,750,000.  This greatly increases their stature and I think we can soon find more deals like it.

Office Locations and Contact Info

A.H.Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn 13415, Estonia (You can see their location here.) E-mail [email protected]  Phone +371 24 20 20 24.  (The postcode doesn’t correspond to the address, but is what’s listed on their website.  I’ve contacted them on Facebook and am waiting for a clarification.)

(I saw something rather odd today.  While looking up information about CrowdEstate, I came across a Bondora webpage comparing itself to Crowdestate.  Subsequently I also clued in to the fact that BulkEstate also has a registered location at the same address as Bondora.  I remain curious, as neither BulkEstate nor Bondora has made any connections public.)

P2P Review: What can we expect from BulkEstate?

BulkEstate offers investments returning from 12-19%.  Loan-to-value rates not exceeding 75% provide very healthy collateral.  That means that, in case of default, the investors would ‘own’ property worth at least 25% more than paid for.  I won’t be discussing the group buying deals in this BulkEstate P2P Review, as they only offered three so far.  Furthermore it would require much more effort to do that topic justice.

Who can invest with this platform?

According to their platform, any person over 18 or company can invest in their projects.  Of course, you will need to properly identify yourself and have a bank account.

How can they achieve such returns?

According to Euro Area Statistics Latvian interest rates fluctuate a lot.  Furthermore their mortgage rates peg in much higher than most Euro countries.  Most people know, that unless you already have money, trying to get money from a bank frustrates many borrowers.  BulkEstate borrowers can get financing more quickly through them.  In case of development projects, financing through a bank could take ages.  Additionally such projects usually borrow for shorter terms.  Banks don’t seem to care much for these loans.

How is interest paid?

I have only invested in one project so far.  This project pays back principal and interest all at once.  As a result I don’t yet know if other projects pay monthly.  (I’ll update this information when I know more.)  In any event, each project has its own arrangement that you should check before investing.  I like bullet payments like this, as I won’t need to think of what to do with the interest each month.

Auto Invest Functions

You can set up a limited auto invest strategy at BulkEstate.  For minimum returns you can choose “any” or 10, 12, or 14%.  Furthermore you get the choice of invest for ‘any’ period, 12 or 23 months.  Considering BulkEstate has only a few fundable projects at a time for a longer term, I would suggest choosing manually.  Your circumstances, however, could be quite different.

With how much can I get started?

BulkEstate asks you deposit a minimum of € 50 to start.  For each project you need to invest at least that much, but don’t quote me on that.  I just stuck all my money into a project yielding 18%.  Splitting this to wait for another project was not a reasonable option.

What kind of projects can I get into?

Clicking on the this link will let you see BulkEstate’s current project latest project (as of July 22, 2019).  This one will finish any moment.  More than 900 investors have already provided over € 600,000 in funding. With a valuation 40% higher, this property returns 14.05% (+1% for bigger investments).  BulkEstate offers many projects very similar to this one.

BulkEstate P2P Review 's look at the Website

First off, investors can use the site in German, English, Russian, Estonian, and Ukrainian.  They obviously have the international market in mind.  I have seen some websites offering only one language like German.  This tells me that they don’t need additional investors.  You can easily interact with this website – it’s certainly not hard on the eyes.  You can quickly reach your account overview by clicking on the bell icon.

Registration with BulkEstate follows a quick, simple, and painless procedure.  Also due to the number of investments, you won’t need to do much on the website anyway.

Investors in a particular project can also discuss in their own dedicated forum.  However, since everything seems to run according to plan, no one discusses much of anything.

BulkEstate P2P Review looks at Similar Platforms

Other platforms investing in real estate are Crowdestate, ReInvest24, Kuetzal, EstateGuru and several others.  Crowdestor and Envestio also share commonalities.  You can see the reviews for those platforms as well.  (Crowdestate P2P Review, ReInvest24 P2P Review, Kuetzal P2P Review, EstateGuru P2P Review, Crowdestor P2P Review, and Envestio P2P Review.)

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