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Our Grupeer P2P review focuses on achieving steady returns.  Grupeer offers returns from 10-15% and should be part of a balanced portfolio.

While the Grupeer platform may not be as versatile as others, setting up your investments is simple enough.  However, I should warn you that investing with smaller amounts may lead to some cash drag.

While Grupeer may not be a true peer-to-peer lender, their function of making money for investors is the same.  They tend to invest in bigger loans and projects, and generally not to individuals.

Grupeer P2P Look at the Company

Grupeer’s office is at Pulkveža Brieža 21, Office 6, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia (click to see their offices). You can contact them by phone at +353 1 960 1199 or by e-mail at [email protected]  Registration for Grupeer SIO took place in October, 2016.  Since their registration their official address moved twice.  According to Grupeer registration records, the company has only one foreign shareholder.  As a result you won’t find a page littered with photos of partners on their website.  Furthermore we would like to see more about the background of Grupeer on their website.

Through Grupeer and 15 loan originators, more than € 36 Million worth of loans received funding.  Even though their average interest rates for originators show 10-13.82%, Grupeer advertises a return of 13.85% for investors.  To be quite honest, I don’t fully understand how that’s possible.  I’ll let you know once I figure this out or someone explains it to me.

Grupeer P2P Review of Products

The main investment categories at Grupeer are loans and development projects.  Furthermore Grupeer plans to roll out their “Stability Fund”, offering returns of 4-8%.  While the loans carry interest rates of 10-15%, their current development projects all have rates of 13%.

A great number of investments at Grupeer are structured with bullet payments.  As a result, you would receive interest every month with principal repaid at the end of term.  However, you can also find amortized loans here as well.  The quickest way to check is to click through to the repayment schedule.

Safety of Capital

Currently all Grupeer loans are covered by buyback guarantees by loan originators.  Consequently, the 60-day buyback guarantee ensures you will receive capital and unpaid interest, if borrowers fail to pay.  As with all these guarantees, they are as good as the companies behind them.

Cash Drag: Getting the Most Return

When your money sits idle, your returns go down.  While a 15% return sounds great, you can only get this with all your funds invested.  Even though you’re likely always going to experience some cash drag, you can get close to your ideal returns by making sure your money is always working.

We invested a very small sum through this platform to get a feeling for it.  If you invest with small sums, you will run into trouble with cash drag.  Consequently I would recommend enough of an investment to get at least € 10 interest each month.  In this way, you could reinvest once a month. Furthermore, if your investments return at least € 10 in principal and/or interest, you can often reinvest into the same project.  This, however, goes against diversification concepts.

Another way to deal with cash drag is to simply withdraw funds anytime you have a positive balance.  On the hand, you could also deposit enough to make a new investment.  The minimum investment at Grupeer is € 10, both for the platform and per investment.

How do I start investing and getting returns?

Signing up with Grupeer is pretty much the same as most other platforms.  You give them information about yourself, do the KYC check, and upload proof of identity.  Having signed up with so many platform, I just keep all necessary info handy in one file on my computer. Next you deposit a minimum of € 10 to your Grupeer account.  After a verified deposit, you can manually invest or set up auto-invest functions.  If you choose rates of 15%, you may have to wait some time before your strategy executes.  At the moment buyback guarantees are active for all Grupeer investment.  This may or may not change.

Other P2P Platform to Consider

There are a great number of P2P platforms out there.  Some better – some worse.  We included the Grupeer platform in our portfolio for its returns and for reasons of diversification.

When investing with limited capital, RoboCash would be one of our first choices.  Read the RoboCash P2P Review here.  They offer automatic investments starting with just 1 Euro.

Mintos, of course, appears as the favourite of many.  While minimum investments in the primary market require € 10, you can invest in the secondary market with just € 0.01.  Visit our Mintos P2P Review.

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