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Mintos - Paving the Road to Financial Freedom


Welcome to our Mintos P2P Review!  The greatly desired Road to Financial Freedom eludes many.  This review looks at all the factors putting Mintos in first spot.  However, as rosy as things look, we should also take proper precautions when investing.

Mintos Review - Beginnings of this P2P Powerhouse

Mintos Marketplace AS launched their platform in 2015.  Since then this Latvian Fintech marketplace has facilitated € 2,767,891,894 worth of loans.  Winner of the AltFi People’s Choice Award for the past three years, Mintos shows no signs of slowing down.  As a result more than 158,000 investors have invested an average of € 5,000 each on this platform. 

Review of the Mintos Loanbook

While mortgage loans with lower interest rates make up only a small percentage, Mintos loans focus on higher return personal and short-term loans.  As a result the Mintos loan book returns an average of 12.17% net profit.  Furthermore this loans range from 5-19.5% interest.  Mintos offers loans from 64 loan originators.  Consequently loans from 30 countries are offered in 11 currencies,  while the list grows.
Road to Financial Freedom with Mintos P2P Review July 14 ,2019

Overview of Currencies and Related Interest Rates

You can convert currencies right on the platform.  This way investors can easily invest in loans in other currencies and countries.  However, you should be aware that currency conversions have fees associated with them.  I would only recommend changing to Rubles and Tenge when investing for longer terms.  It may take a few months to have your fees repaid through higher returns. Furthermore I would also suggest to switch to foreign currencies on days when the other currency is cheaper.  “Buying low and selling high” applies here.  Kazakhstani Tengi attract a lot of investors as there are often discounts available in the secondary market.

  1. Czech Koruna CZK – 6-8%
  2. Danish Krone DKK –
  3. European Euro EUR – 5-17%
  4. British Pound GBP – 8-12%
  5. Georgian Lari GEL – 12-18%
  6. Kazakhstani Tenge KZT – 17-18.5%
  7. Mexican Peso MXN – 16-18%
  8. Polish Zloty PLN – 9-14.5%
  9. Romanian Leu RON – Currently None
  10. Russian Ruble RUB – 14-19.5%
  11. Swedish Krona SEK – 9-13%
  12. US Dollar USD – 9-13%

P2P Investing Made Easy with Mintos

Mintos makes P2P investing easy by offering a simple and straight-forward sign-up process.  Because of this you can start earning quickly.  Use this special link to receive a 1% cashback bonus on your all of your investments.

After registration and confirming you’re not a bad person, you can set up your system for investing.   You can decide to let Mintos handle everything automatically or do it yourself.  Above all you’ll want to make sure that you are getting a good return.  While Mintos offers an auto-invest feature that returns 12.67%, you can achieve higher returns by manually investing.

The Three Main Investment Strategies

Investors, who want little effort and high liquidity, choose the Mintos Set and Go auto-invest feature. Firstly it allows for a set and forget feature. Secondly, all P2P investments receive automatic coverage of buyback guarantees. Thirdly, you can withdraw your money anytime. Currently Mintos boasts an average return of 12.66% with this feature. This particular strategy reminds me RoboCash (read our RoboCash P2P review here) of with higher liquidity.

Partially Automatic Investing

Another auto-invest feature let’s you do a little more work for higher returns. You can set up several auto-invest strategies and choosing interest rates, loan types, and many other things yourself.  As a result you can greatly increase your returns, but are hampered with less liquidity, if that’s an issue.  To get around that you will need to get familiar with the secondary market.  Here you can offload all of your investments quickly.  However, you may need to entice other investors with some discounts depending on how attractive your loans are.

Manual Investing

Personally I love manual P2P investing, as it let’s my play with my pennies more often.  When investing in the primary market you’ll need to invest a minimum of 10 EUR for each loan.  For other currencies different amounts apply.  In the secondary market, however, you can invest with a penny and scoop up loans from people selling at a discount.  Always remember to check the buyback guarantee box.  No reason exists to justify investing in loans without a buyback guarantee, when 95% of all loans are covered.

Safety of Capital

Our Mintos P2P Review wouldn’t be complete without talking about what helps us sleep at night.  Most people investing anywhere agree that keeping your money safe ranks very high.  Mintos knows this as well.  As a result 95% of all loans offered on the Mintos platform are covered by a buyback guarantee.  These guarantees look after both principal and interest.  If the borrower fails to pay in time or at all,  you don’t need to worry.  Your interest continues and your capital survives.  These guarantees kick in after 60 days of borrowers failing to pay.  Furthermore loan originators put up 5-20% of their capital for each loan they extend.  This means that the investors and loan originators end up in the same boat, when something goes amiss.  NOTE:  Never forget to check the buyback guarantee box when investing on the Mintos platform, as some loans don’t carry the same protection.

Safety of Interest

On another note, we should also mention safety of interest.  What happens when you sell a loan on the secondary market just before the payment date?  Both you and the new investor will receive a portion of the interest payment according to how long the loan was held.  In other words, you can safely keep flipping your loans in the secondary market, as you will receive interest for every investment.  I personally like buying loans at a discount on the secondary market and selling them again at par or with a premium.  One should always be open to added income.

The Secondary Market (Marketplace)

In Mintos P2P review we want to highlight the secondary market.  Many P2P platforms feature a secondary market, also known as marketplace.  Here investors can sell their loans when they need access to capital.  While some use it as a place for liquidation, others come in and look for bargains.  A couple of days ago I sold 110% of my Mintos portfolio in a matter of hours.  The higher the discount, the faster you can liquidate all of your loans, including overdue ones.  I sold loans with discounts as high as 1.8%, only to turn around and buy loans offering a 2% cashback bonus.  In all I made a profit of a little over one percent in a matter of hours.

Where do I start?

I do strongly recommend Mintos as your first P2P investing platform.  I keep the biggest part of my P2P portfolio with Mintos and am very happy with it.  By using our Mintos registration link here, you will benefit from a 1% cashback bonus.  At the same time you will also be supporting our website and the work we do, so that we can continue doing what we love.  Mintos keeps signing up simple and straight-forward.  Happy investing and we hope you travel your road to financial freedom with eyes wide open.  Remember to keep the speed limit!

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