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RoboCash P2P Review and Your Sleep

Our RoboCash P2P Review shows you how you can rest more easily with this platform.  RoboCash is a recent newcomer to the P2P investment scene, but has grown quickly. I think no other P2P platform simplifies the process more than RoboCash. That being said, RoboCash doesn’t appeal to everyone. While consistent returns of 12-14% make for a happy investor, some investors do like a little more action.

RoboCash provides a completely automated process for investing. Consequently all investors receive the same returns with few exceptions. Furthermore their buyback guarantee allows for a fairly quick withdrawal of all your funds.  If you want to travel the road to financial freedom, take this along.

RoboCash P2P Review of the Company

The RoboCash P2P platform, launched in 2017, looks after European investors. While RoboCash appears to be young, they represent a growing part of a much bigger operation. That is to say, through RoboCash individuals can invest in the Robocash Group’s loan portfolio.

The Robocash Group (you can see their site here) started their activities in 2013 in Russia. After issuing their first loans in Russia, they quickly expanded into Kazakhstan. As a result of their continuous expansion, the Robocash Group actively operates in eight countries. More than 1,600 employees live in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Latvia. The Robocash Group has issued more than 440 million USD equivalent in loans since inception. Furthermore 2018 revenues exceeding 100 million USD highlights the fact that RoboCash is not a lightweight player in the P2P market.

RoboCash P2P Review: How does it compare to Mintos?

In our Mintos Review we talked about everything that matters. However, in our RoboCash P2P Review we show similarities and differences.

Firstly RoboCash provides a buyback guarantee on all loans – Mintos covers 95%. Secondly RoboCash investments follow automatic strategies. On the other hand, through Mintos we can achieve the same results, but we’d need to set it up first. Thirdly the Robo buyback guarantee kicks in at 31 days instead of 61 with Mintos. Fourthly RoboCash offers one set rate of return, which can be higher with greater deposits. On the contrary, Mintos makes a whole slew of options available. Above all, both platforms allow for peace of mind when set up correctly.

We can find great similarity between RoboCash and the auto-invest strategy at Mintos. Whereas 12-14% can be achieved with RoboCash, Mintos shows a return of 12.67%.

Earn Higher Interest

RoboCash starts everyone with 12% interest.  Some investors do receive up to 14% returns.  However to get the higher returns, you need to qualify under their loyalty or V.I.P. program.  Investors with balances below € 1,000 generally qualify for no bonuses.  Also the highest bonuses go to people with € 10,000 or more invested.  Qualification dates change from time to time.  You’ll need to have a look at the RoboCash loyalty program for exact details.

At 14% interest RoboCash stands out among the competition.  If you can get this, you’ll have a very decent investment.  I will check up with RoboCash about clarifying the details.

Why this platform is on my Road to Financial Freedom?

On our Road to Financial Freedom we need to remember diversification. Everyone tells us not keep our eggs in one basket. I like RoboCash for it’s simplicity. Stick in money, earn, and get out, if need be. With the buyback guarantee it would 60 days at most to get all your money out. If you need funds quickly, simply stop the auto invest. Most of your money will be back within 30 days.

Factors Affecting Profit

RoboCash imposes no investor fees of any kind. Cash drag may affect investors when too many new investors show up. In situations like that, you can do little on the platform. However, you can withdraw funds and reinvest them elsewhere. I’m happy to say that this hasn’t affected me yet. One reason for this relates to the active expansion of the platform. Today one can invest in 117,000 Euros worth of loans. As long as this number remains positive, cash drag will not affect you. RoboCash deals with no outside loan originators. As a result they control all the loans themselves. I believe they have a good strategy in place to ensure a good balance. Also this platform has enough equity to not be affected by ups and downs of investor balances.


How to set up the auto invest function?

Set the Portfolio Name

Give a name to your auto invest portfolio.  You can choose to name it “My Road to Financial Freedom” or anything else you like.

Investment Amount per Loan

You can choose to invest from 1-1300 Euros into each loan.  This might not make a difference for longer -term investors.  However, if you want access to your funds on shorter notice, set this to a smaller amount.

Choose your Interest Rate

At the moment all loans pay 12%.  Set this to 12-15% just to be sure.  Changing the minimum to 13%, for example, will show no availability of loans.

Length of Investment

Changing the repayment time can impact you.  If you set it from 0-365, you may get stuck with longer term loans.  As a result you may not be able to get money out anytime soon.  I suggest setting it to 0-31, if you care about liquidity.  In my case today, it changes loan availability from 587 to 575.  While not a big difference, you can make sure you don’t get stuck with long terms.

What to Invest

In the investment strategy section choosing “balance” will only invest what you currently have in your account.  It won’t invest profits and leave interest sitting idle in your account.  With “payout” RoboCash will transfer funds back to your bank account anytime your balance reaches € 50.  Choose this only when you need cash for other things.  “Reinvesting principal amount” could work for monthly income, together with manual withdrawals.  “Reinvesting the full amount” makes all of your money work as much as possible.  This option reinvests principal and interest as soon as possible.  You could also limit your portfolio to a set target.  With this you could start withdrawing income after you’ve reached the target.

Finish your Portfolio Setup

I honestly don’t know what “investing partly” means here.  I suggest ticking all three options.  This will also invest new deposits quickly and automatically.  Make sure all loan originators are selected.  They all offer the same guarantees.  And finally make sure you click the edit button to finalize your choices.   Now your investments can start.

How to get started with RoboCash?

You can easily register with RoboCash (just click this link).  Like other platforms you need to identify yourself and deposit funds.  You could finish the whole process within minutes.  Only Euros can be invested on this platform.  Please, note that you will be supporting this website and my work, when you use our links.

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